2006_01_ARTS_OUTSIDERS.jpgWe're not just talking about the outsiders who come in to the city via public transportation every weekend (we do love that painting of the MetroNorth trains though!) The Outsider Art Fair is this weekend - and of course taking place in our crazy little city, it's dedicated to catering to the painfully "so hip they're unhip" art world.

While the Fair runs Friday through Sunday, there is a preview starting tonight, as part of a Gala to benefit the American Folk Art Museum. You'll find outsider art (of course), art brut, intuitive and primitive art (and more) all to fullfill your little visionary art heart.

The exhibitors are mostly from New York but some are coming all the way from Germany for this event, check out the full list of contributing artists and galleries here. Art freaks worldwide unite!

Benefit/Preview: Tonight // 6:30-9pm // American Folk Art Museum // Contact 212.977.7170 for ticketsFair: Friday through Sunday // 11am-9pm // Puck Building [corner of Houston and Lafayette Streets] // $15