Staten Island parents are OUTRAGED over a local children's boutique store that is selling kids' shirts with "Boo Bees" written on the chest. Or, at least one woman is very outraged. She has enough outrage to represent all the outraged parents on Staten Island. But unfortunately, her outrage is eclipsed by her fear of being whacked for disrespecting the family of Big Ang.

"I'm disgusted," a mother of three told the NY Post about the shirts. But disgusted-ness aside, she is also terrified of letting the Post use her name. "I would go to the store and say something, but I'm afraid Big Ang may come after me," she said. The West Brighton store Bee Tween, which opened about two months ago amid much DJing, is run by Janine Detore, the sister of Mob Wives reality star Big Ang Raiola.

The "terrified mom," as the Post describes her, lets her fear and outrage wax and wane as the interview continued: "It's fine if some adult bimbo wants to wear it — but a young impressionable girl?" the mom said. "It's insulting as a woman and a mother. We don't need clothing like that out there influencing impressionable young minds."

The Post could only find one other mom who felt similarly angry over the shirt, a shirt featuring "exposed stingers seeming to simulate nipples," as they are so lovingly described. "We just gotta watch out she doesn’t put a hit out on us," that mom, who also asked that her name wasn't used for fear of breaking the Staten Island omerta, said.

Detore defended the shirt, explaining the wordplay in excruciating detail: "The boo stands for the costume, they're ghosts," she said. "The bees not only stands for actual bees, but we call our clients bees because they are bee-tween, just turning into a teenager and up."

In addition to being ghosts and actual bees and a metaphor for bee-nagers and bee-tween agers, she also said the shirts had something to do with breast cancer, because a teen who has breast cancer once wore one? You tell me: "One of my friend's daughters is 17 years old and she has breast cancer. She and anyone her age would love that shirt. As a matter of fact, she owns that BOO BEE shirt," Detore added. "Breast-cancer awareness is what we should be focusing on. Not just the shirt."

For what it's worth, there is no #breastcancer hashtag in the Instagram photo of the shirt, only "#beetween #beeetween #beetweenboutique #boobees #halloween #tweenfashion #tweenager #tweenmodel #fashion #fashionista #fashionblogger #fashionblog #shop #shoponline #sale #likeforlike #l4l #like4like #picoftheday #halloween." But hey, maybe they didn't have room for #breastcancer after all that. It's not like you can just lose that second #halloween tag!