Animal Magazine's 6th Issue comes out this week-- and Bucky was nice enough to messenger us over a copy, since we unfortunately missed Animal's "Save Krucoff" themed party at BLVD on Wednesday night. The magazine is beatuiful and glossy and filled with pictures of scantily clad girls-- but we were interested in one feature in particular: a series of interviews with some of our NYC blog colleagues. Our favorite quotes:

Joey Arak (Curbed): "People should read Curbed to hear anonymous Brooklynites talk shit about essentially every new freakishly our-of-place high-rise development in the borough. It's really fun. Try it."

Rachel Sklar (FishbowlNY): "After developing carpal tunnel syndrome and a lovely, knobby cyst on each wrist, I realized that I should probably not take my wristal health for granted. Yes, I made that word up."

Jesse Oxfeld (Gawker): "But, to be honest, if it were something that horrible, we'd make pretty fucking sure we were right before posting." Related: "nemesis: Andrew Krucoff."

Jessica Coen (Gawker): "[A blog is:] a continuously updated site, presented in reverse chronological order, which combines links and commentary to create a giant, masturbatory exercise in perceived self-importance."

Jen Chung (Gothamist): "([Would yougo to jail to protect your source?]: Hell to the no. I couldn't last two minutes in lock-up -- I need my wifi."

David Hausalaib (Jossip): "For the most part, blogging is like having sex with Kevin Federline: You don't want to admit to it, but you know you spewed evidence of it everywhere."

J4R3D (JustJared): "you barely have to use your eyes, much less your brain, to view my blog."

Michael Malice (OiNY): "Jen Chung is my idol. I wish I could get blogging gigs because of my magnificent breasts."

Andi Teran & Hamish Robertson (VerboseComa): "Is an entire pack of gummies a drug?"

Bonus fact: not a single editor mentioned Gothamist as one of their must-read sites. Screw you, guys!

Our two other favorite Animal6 features: a huge spread by Wooster Collective, and some new paintings by our long-lost pal Tom Sanford. And Bucky has promised us some outtakes from the blogger photo sessions-- we're hoping to have some new blognipple slips for you sometime this week.