It's so hard to know what Elizabeth Berkley's tombstone epithet will read. Either "Here Lies Our Darlin', Nomi Malone" or "Jessie Spano: She Was SO EXCITED." The Showgirls camp gets another vote, with the release of the V.I.P. DVD Edition of the movie that comes out this July: The film will be packaged with playing cards, shot glasses, and pasties; there is also a lapdance tutorial on the DVD. Perfect for the film's gay cult following! Or extremely gay moments during bachelor parties.

But you can buy the Saved by the Bell DVDs for seasons 1 and 2 as well for the very special episode, "Jessie's Song," where Jessie takes energy pills that make her excited and scared. This is not unlike most of us realizing that our antidepressants may make us suicidal.