Longtime NoHo music store Other Music announced today that they are shutting down their store at the end of June. "It's the end of 20 years," co-owner Josh Madell told us.

The store, which first opened on E. 4th Street in 1995 (back when it was across the street from Tower Records), has long been one of our favorite record stores in the city, with an emphasis on new, underground and experimental music. Madell told us the store and its mail-order service will shut down on June 25th.

As with many other music stores (both record shops and instrument emporiums), Madell blamed a combination of the changing music landscape and rising rents in the neighborhood for the shuttering: "We were squeezed on both sides," he said. "The music industry, selling new physical music —CDs made up a lot of our business in the past, now vinyl does more—that all has been plummeting."

The NY Times reports that their business has dropped by half since the store’s peak in 2000, when it did about $3.1 million in sales. "Our figures aren't far off from the declining industry numbers," Madell said. "And then there's the rent, so it's a little bit of both."

He added that unlike other stores, such as Kim's Video, there are no plans to try to move to a smaller space. Madell did add that their label, Other Music Recording Co., will continue. He also said there are plans for special events and concerts, "stuff for closer to the end in June."

As someone who regularly went down to Other Music as a teenager, nothing was better than getting the chance to talk shop and get recommendations from the ridiculously knowledgable, and more-often-than-not friendly, employees of the store. "It's changed a little bit, what people are looking for in a store," Madell added. "There's so much more information out there, people find music different ways."