Oscars set designer Roy Christopher makes an Oscars set just for the tiny emaciated actresses of Hollywood

According to the paper of record, USA Today, viewers of ABC "comedies" will suffer stupid Oscars-related plots to get people excited about the Oscars; the producers of the Oscars telecast think, for this year, the war is out and frivolity is in; and Bruce Vilanch will be writing a lot of crap for presenters to read off the Tele-Prompter. Can't wait!

And, sure, Gothamist gets excited about the Oscars and the nominations and glitz and glamour (as we do every year), but we also have to agree with LA Weekly's Nikki Finke when she says this year's ceremony "will be a crushing bore." While it's cool Fernando Meirelles and Keisha Castle Hughes got nominated, it's not like they'll even win. Her article predicting the major categories is gold...Oscar gold: "Jeez, even the I-watch-movies-therefore-my-opinion-is-authoritative blogging mouth-breathers — and you know who you are — can get it right this time around. That is, if they finally accept the fact that the Oscars have nothing to do with art or performances and everything to do with old scores to settle, runaway egos to lasso and flagrant jealousies gone amok." Oh, Nikki, you know us so well.