The Post comes up with a few ideas for Oscar drinking games during the ceremony:


• An award winner forgets to thank his or her significant other.
• An award winner says the words "blessed," "humbling" or "my agent."
• The orchestra cuts off an acceptance speech.
• Host Billy Crystal makes a Mel Gibson joke.
• A camera cuts to Jack Nicholson.

Gothamist would like to add someone saying "Oh my God" (we want to get very tanked up), an "Arnold the Governor" joke, a reference to how it's inevitable The Lord of the Rings will win, joking about being cut off mid-speech by orchestra, and a joke about Sean Penn's anti-establishment stances or Bill Murray making a good speech or Johnny Depp's being dirty or Charlize Theron's transformation. Oh, and something about the trouble at Disney.

The Post also recommends to try out usually hard-to-get-into clusb for those Oscar eh-ists who don't have to watch. The clubs mentioned have special events for the Oscars.

The Times has a PDF or Excel file of all the liquor stores in the city open tomorrow; the liquor stores that are open having been doing great business. The Times is catching up because Manhattan User's Guide raised the bar by providing some of this information two weeks ago. Yes, New Yorkers like to get their drink on!