Poster; Photo - Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences If the Oscars do go on tonight, I'll be glad because then everyone can shut up about it. It may seem strange for me to say this, given my love for movies and the Oscars and how I generally live for movies and love the day the Oscar nominations come out...but there's no Best Picture film I'm really behind this year...the only category I'm interested in Original Screenplay, and it's highly doubtful Almodovar or the Cuaron brothers will win. And after the litany of prizes and awards shows so far, I could care less about the acting categories and wondering if this is Harvey Weinstein's year. Just shut up already.

Therefore, I'll be eager to see the technical categories, like editing, cinematography, set design, sound design, etc. These are the people who really help make the films happen.

Two acceptable Oscar day articles:
Newsday on the acting nominees' great earlier films. It's a helpful list, though I would have mentioned Julianne Moore's performance in Safe, by her Far From Heaven director, Todd Haynes.
Roger Ebert gives his thoughts on past Oscar shows.

Check out the official Oscar site where you can order a poster commemorating the "Diamond" anniversary of the Oscars like the one above.

As for debate whether the Oscars should happen or not - if there is no breaking news, why not let the show go on - there is only so much people can absorb and it seems they wanted something besides news on Friday night, when they turned to NBC's Law & Order double header over news coverage.