Last time we checked in with the Open Space Alliance's summer concert series on the Williamsburg Waterfront, they were battling neighbors who wanted them out of the area. Last summer a few locals were traumatized when they mistook nitrous-huffing Widespread Panic fans in the streets as a zombie apocalypse—after that, they pushed for the OSA to make changes with the concert series. The OSA's solution was to move to a new site... about two blocks away. All has been quiet since, and now the OSA has announced they're looking for design proposals to build out the new site, so it would seem they won.

In their announcement, the nonprofit states they will be relocating the Williamsburg Waterfront concert series (which JELLY NYC actually started at McCarren Park Pool in 2006) to 50 Kent Avenue between North 11th and North 12th Streets. This is a pretty vacant industrial lot right now, so they're asking for proposals in transforming it into "a new interim concert venue and area for recreational activities for the New York public."

Entrants (landscapers, architects, etc) are asked to propose designs to enhance the site, including, but not limited to: a comprehensive visual identity, perimeter screening, designated VIP area, shade elements, water features, lighting, creative safety barriers or other solutions to address trip hazards, portosans, recreational opportunities for non-concert days." Beyond artistic merit, the jury (which includes Marty Markowitz) will also be focusing on cost, feasibility of construction, and “green”/sustainability factors. The process will be completed and instituted for this summer's series.