This year the Open Space Alliance (OSA) has taken over production aspects of the Pool Parties in Williamsburg, making a number of changes and giving the summer concert venue at East River Police State Park a more corporate makeover. Today the Brooklyn Paper reports on one of those changes: you can't bring in your own water.

Last year when JellyNYC (founders of the series) had more control, concert-goers were allowed to bring in their own water—but this year security is confiscating even unopened bottles. Once inside, the only way to hydrate with H20 is to buy a $2 plastic Poland Spring bottle. The OSA says this is to prevent people from bringing in vodka and binge drinking, however there is no explanation as to why ($) water refilling stations aren't provided.

With this kind of heat, barely any shade to be found in the park, and a small amount of water going for 2 bucks a pop—it's not surprising we saw a girl pass out onto the concrete during the first show.