Everyone in America has 1984 fever these days, what with our descent into a society of ever-shifting choose-your-own-truth and insane claims by the country's leaders. And just in time for this increasingly dark period in our history, a new production of 1984 is coming to Broadway, which could be helpful for those of you who can't get a copy of it at the library.

According to cleverly-redacted press release, the Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan adaptation of the famous Orwell book will hit the Hudson Theater starting June 22nd, after multiple runs in England.


In 2014, The Guardian gave the adaptation four stars and wrote that "while raising serious questions, Icke and Macmillan distil Orwell's core dystopian narrative with great skill. Winston's defiance of Big Brother through his subversive love for his fellow protester, Julia, are explored in rich detail." The London Evening Standard also gave the show four stars, and praised it as "a playful and provocative take on the grim goings-on in the surveillance state of Oceania that will appeal to both newcomers and aficionados."

Tickets aren't on sale yet, and cast members haven't been announced. However, if the play is really going to be true to the spirit of the book, a series of players will be announced soon only to have one or two of them denounced by the producers and disappeared from all past and future mentions of the production.