Across the country yesterday, Go Topless hosted annual rallies in an attempt to give women the same topless rights as men. And though the ladies of New York have been able to bare their breasts sine 1992, they marched in solidarity and against the social taboos that still keep most women covered up. However, some spectators apparently thought the whole thing was a "lewd spectacle."

LA march organizer Nadine Gary noted that though being topless is legal in New York, some police still need to be schooled on the law. She said to the west coast crowd, "Some states, like New York, are supposedly 'top-free,' but in 2005 Phoenix Feeley was arrested for going topless. She later won $29,000 for wrongful arrest." She also said, "If we are not allowed, men must be forced to hide their chests on the basis of gender equality." Which is just what some men did!

Male supporters came out for the march too, either topless or wearing bikini tops. Larry Abdulla sported a red bikini at the Chicago rally, and told AOL News, "It's terrible. A woman breastfeeding her baby in public gets hassled just because people are afraid of how some guys might react. Other guys get excited by seeing legs or belly buttons. Do you ban those too? A transsexual who may have beautiful breasts can get away with going topless if he still has a penis." But indecent or not, just remember that these photos are probably still NSFW! (These photographs of the Venice Beach protest are SFW, because going topless is an arrest-worthy offense.)