Siren is always a half-empty/half-full type situation. On one hand, you're getting top tier indie bands playing in New York City for free. On the other, you know going into it the sound will be lousy, the crowds unbearable and the heat incapacitating. Depending on how you play your expectations, it can be a great day or a miserable one. This was my 4th Siren, and while always prepared for the worst, it turned out to be a pretty fun day overall.

I made a point to get there early on Saturday for Priestess, who just played a straight up rock show. Unrelentless guitars, hair flying everywhere and even a good old-fashioned extended drum solo. They were solid, tho not exactly what I wanted to hear first thing in the afternoon, but the growing crowd seemed impressed. After a bit of the Rogers Sisters I checked out Man Man, who I've never forgiven for their horrendous opening set for the Arcade Fire at Webster Hall way back when. Since then, however, I have heard nothing but glowing praise for them and their live show in particular, so I gave them another shot. They put out a nice effort, but it wasn't working for me. I left after a couple songs to go meet some friends at Nathans. (Side note to Nathans: Why, when I order a hotdog, does it take 20 minutes for you to find me one? Shouldn't you have these ready to go pretty much all day long? You shouldn't seem caught off guard. What's going on back there?)

cribssiren.jpgAfter a short break it was back to the Main Stage for Tapes n' Tapes. They've greatly improved since the first time I saw them, now looking more matured and very comfortable the big stage. After a bit of 2003 nostalgia with The Stills playing an old favorite, Lola Stars and Stripes, it was back to Stillwell for The Cribs. This was the first set of the day that really captured my attention and felt genuinely above average. They had great songs, perfect stage presence and an excited crowd. Sure, it was mostly the same set they played at CMJ last fall, including the requisite beer chug and bloody mouth, but it was super fun nonetheless.

I've never been as down on She Wants Revenge as many people seem to be, so I didn't mind going over and checking them out a bit before Art Brut. For the one and a half songs I stuck it out for, I didn't think it was awful, but it wasn't that great either. Pop-Goth in the daylight simply isn't worth trying to pull off.

Art Brut was great as always. As everyone who has seen them more than once says, they may play pretty much the same show every time, but it never gets stale. Eddie Argos was as charming and playful as could be and the masses were eating out of the palm of his hand. Another great set by them.

The final two bands of the day were Stars and Scissor Sisters. I hopped back and forth between the two, catching just enough of both. Stars were really excellent. It had been a while since I had last seen them and I forgot how much I love these songs life. scissorsiren.jpgAmy Milan's voice never sounded better than when she's trading lines with Torquil Campbell. The addition of a live violinist to the stage was an excellent touch as well.

When the sun went down and it was all said and done, The Scissor Sisters were the real stars of the day. It's tough to get an exhausted and generally dejected Brooklyn crowd to move, especially after they've been on their feet for 9 hours, but Jake Shears, Ana Matronic and the rest were well up to the task. These guys are impossible to resist. Great songs and an unbelievable amount of energy. They left everyone on a high note, really to start lineup speculating and resting up for next year.

Check out some more pictures for the whole day here.