lsf.jpgWell, I think we all have a new favorite outdoor venue. Yesterday, on a picture perfect Sunday afternoon, thousands flocked to the long abandoned Mccarren Pool in Williamsburg for a free concert from Post-Punk mainstays Les Savy Fav. It was as a New York summer weekend should be. Endless stretches of dirt and concrete filled with beautiful people of all ages out to enjoy the weather. On one side was a frequented slip and slide, on the other was a fenced off dodgeball ring, which made for a fantastic spectator sport between bands. In between those two was the massive elevated stage, which may have been the main draw for some, but acted as simply just another ring in this magical hipster circus.

Les Savy Fav, came out close to 6:30, just as the sun began to set. Give Tim Harrington a simple room and a mic and you're bound to be in for one of the most entertaining and interactive shows you'll get to see. Letting him loose in the urban jungle gym that is Mccarren Pool is a recipe for a memorable afternoon. No doubt, with wireless mic in hand, Mr Harrington made full use of nearly every square inch of the (mostly) drained pool. He came out, bald, bearded and bloated as usual, sporting a painted on fake sunburn. There mere multiple costume changes, including a tattered oxford cloth shirt, a red velvet blazer, a tie (no shirt) and much more. He walked a tightrope across a guardrail in front of the stage. He ran into the dodgeball arena and got pegged several times with the red rubber balls. He jumped down in to the crowd, got into people's faces, splashed around in a puddle and finally went through the Slip and Slide, (washing off the remains of his fake sunburn to reveal his real sunburn). All the while, I might add, singing some of the tightest and most well constructed music that has come out of this city in the last decade. There is no gimmick. It's just pure fun and great tunes. A perfect band to officially kick off the summer at Mccarren Pool.

An extra big thanks to Stereogum, Jelly NYC and Ice Cream Man for making this happen. Also, of course, to Finger on the Pulse for kicking out the sunburnt jams all day long. Check out some pictures of the show here. For a list of all the free Sunday afternoon pool parties this summer, check here.