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editors2.jpgSo...I was pretty skeptical of this Editors show on Saturday night. It had been shifted around from venue to venue. The very last minute (Saturday afternoon) change to Rothko didn't sound like good news. Furthermore, I got the impression the band may have taken too long to finally take on America. The buzz on the album seemed to hit its peak at the end of last summer. All was excused, however, once the band took the stage. These guys put on a majestic live show.

There wasn't much of a problem at the door. Despite the several guest lists and a seemingly oversold will-call, it was all handled very smoothly. The club was crowded, but no worse than a regular sold out Rothko show. Might have been nice for them to scrape together an opener. I mean, would any local band pass at the opportunity to open for the hottest ticket in town? How great would it have been to have someone like Saints and Lovers play a packed room beforehand? It was nearly three hours between door time and when the band went on, and the wait took a toll on my feet.

When they finally came on stage tho...my goodness. They are spectacular. You forget all about the Interpol comparisons live. Sonically, they are so much bigger than the clubs they've been assigned on this tour. It straddled a line between an epic wall-of-sound and Coldplay-style arena rock. These guys are absolute giants.

The climax was the chilling song "Camera", which never stood out much on the album for me, but completely blew the roof off the club on Saturday night. It was as if they were in front of 20,000 screaming fans. Not since the first time I saw Muse play in the states has a live band so convincingly demanded a larger space. It was such a pleasant surprise to have a band with so much hype surrounding them completely blow away every expectation set up. Do not make the mistake of missing these guys the next time they come through town.