It's bad enough that opera director Luc Bondy had to face a chorus of boos from Met opera audiences for daring to do something innovative with Puccini's Tosca—now big shot Italian director Franco Zeffirelli has to pile on. Never mind that Zeffirelli hasn't actually seen the production; it's still "a crime" which opera fans were right to boo like peanut-munchers at a state fair.

He tells the Times, "It’s like having married a woman who’s still beautiful in your eyes, still wonderful, and for some legal reason they replace her with another one." That first wife, by the way, would be the Zeffirelli version of Tosca, which the Met used to present. But Zeffirelli's not biased, he just thinks Bondy "should not be allowed to touch these masterpieces." Damn, these opera feuds are passionate! You just gonna take that, Bondy?