Photo by Kristina Monllos/Gothamist

On Friday, Veterans Day, the Brooklyn Navy Yard will open to the public for the first time in not one, but two centuries (not including the rare Open House NY tours over the past few years). Andrew Kimball, president of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp., declared this week: “Literally for the first time since 1801, we are opening up our gates.” And it's for the debut of their museum.

This is all part of the Navy Yard's transformation, which will make the space more accessible to the public. Unfortunately, however, this is being done by tearing down things that the public would like to see, like Admiral's Row, and adding things like... a supermarket. Luckily, at the center of their new additions is the brand new museum, which is what will open Friday, and is housed inside of a former Marine commandant’s house. The museum, as we've noted in the past, will include relics from the history of the facility, as well as 65 oral histories recorded by Navy Yard staff, and over 1,700 photographs.

Following its opening on Friday, the museum will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, and admission will be free.