Saturday is Opening Day in Prospect Park and Gothamist is hoping we're wrong about the weather. The annual spring celebration kicks off with the Little League Parade at 10am, which starts at 7th Ave and Carroll Street and ends at the Bandshell. For the more civic minded New Yorker, an Opening Day Clean-Up is planned for 10am-2pm (meet at the Tennis House). For the nature minded, electric boat tours are being run from 12-4:30pm, with the first two being special bird-watching cruises. Of course, if you just want to have fun, there's nothing wrong with a nostalgic ride or two on the carousel (open from 12-5pm). Gothamist is morbidly curious about Spring Wash Day (1-4pm). You get the privilege of washing the Lefferts Historic House's 19th century reproduction clothing with only period tools (washboards, lye soap, water heated over a fire). Sounds like crazy hard, and kind of gross, work, but you do get lemonade when you're finished.

And you know it's spring in Prospect Park when the doggie beach is open. Gothamist's very own depressed beagle can't wait to take a dip! (Seasonal Affective Disorder has really brought him down.) Also, Gothamist's interview with Tupper Thomas, President of the Prospect Park Alliance.