scrooge.jpgThe Holidays have fallen upon us like a pack of ferocious ice weasels, so we'd feel appropriately guilty if we didn’t suggest some relevant theater options. Of course, if you’re seeking a diversion for out-of-town visitors, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is (literally) a no-brainer, provided they’ve got deep pockets: Tickets to the glorified burlesque show can cost up to $250 - per rube.

You could also take the kids to the new Broadway production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but reviews have deemed it “bloated”. The original version with Boris Karloff, in the comfort of you own home, seems like a better – and cheaper – bet.

Here are some other Holiday-based initiatives that sound more promising:

Ground Up’s Hot Damn Holiday sounds like a sizzlin’ good time; it’s described as “a festive, musical tribute to the Holidays, done Southern-Style, with special guests, games, prizes, food, fun, and flamingos!" (We're interested to see how they incorporate the flamingos on stage and can only assume they’re adhearing to ASPCA guidelines for flamingo wrangling.) Hot Damn Holiday runs at Manhattan Theater Source through December 16th.

“Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it.” That’s our favorite line from A Christmas Carol, which is being faithfully revived at 13th Street Repertory. The production, which is adapted from the novel by Sandra Nordgren, sounds classy; it’s staged with period costumes, sets, and music. It runs through January 7th. (Tickets.)

Because we don’t listen to XM radio, we find this baffling, but it is Holiday-themed: Dibble Does Christmas in New York! is a live radio show by Jerry Robbins, based on the XM satellite radio series, Dibble. It is described thus: "Dibble, that 3'3" 15-watt star of the Air in Mayham, Massachusetts, is coming to life. On stage for the first time ever, the hilarious comedy of Dibble - along with a zany cast of characters in the small New England town of Mayham - is coming to New York!" The show runs through December 30 at the Michael Weller Theater on West 43rd. (Tickets.)

The Ghost of Christmas Present hasn’t forgotten the scenesters; Williamsburg’s Brick Theater is putting on a holiday-themed revue called No Rest for the Wicked! If the production’s zany synopsis is any indication, this should be a hoot, honey: "Deenie Nast warms your cockles with a veritable who's who of comedians and singers dropping by to deliver their goodies in your lap. A twisted tribute to the Beloved Holiday cliché. Does Deenie have a heart? Is Minnie wearing panties?! Who is this new nurse Tiny Tim?" (Closes December 17th.)

There isn’t a whole lot going on in the way of Hanukah theater, but this puppet show at the 14th St. Y sounds like a fun jaunt – you know, for kids: "Who Stole the Light? is an original time travel adventure play for the whole family. Take a magical journey with characters Annie and Danny, two siblings who find themselves whisked back in time to old Jerusalem while searching for their Grandmother. Who Stole the Light? tells the story of Chanukah, while relating it to our modern quest for meaning in ancient rituals.” The final performance is December 13th. (Details.)