2005_10_jefmark.jpgIn case you missed our reminder last weekend, this weekend is Open House New York. Some of the sites requiring reservations are already full, but with so many sites available for touring, there's almost something for everyone.

This year, OHNY boasts over 150 sites on their list with sites all over the five boroughs. Last year, Gothamist went to a lot of cemeteries, which can be a little morbid (yet historically so), so this year, we won't be going to Greenwood or the two marble cemeteries. For those that love Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough Hall is open on Saturday (we have a sneaking suspicion he'll be there). Garbage lovers can go to a recycling plant in Manhattan or Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island. See, something for everyone.

What are you planning to visit this weekend or will you be staying in and avoiding the rain?

Photo by Tien Mao