The 11th Annual Open House New York is officially taking reservations as of today—the weekend-long event will be taking place October 12th and 13th. They've provided a PDF guide of their offerings this year, which will also be available at distribution sites in all the boroughs (sites can be found here). The guide starts out with a note about the federally-operated sites that were scheduled to be a part of the weekend, before the shutdown occurred.

"For OHNY, the most significant impact of the shutdown is that the Weekend Information Hub is scheduled to be located at the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House/Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian at Bowling Green, a federal museum that will be closed until the federal government reopens. If the shutdown continues into next week, an announcement will be made about a relocated Information Hub."

The spots this year include the Citi Bike Warehouse, Graham Hill's LifeEdited micro apartment (seen below), and a canoe trip ... down the Gowanus Canal. Make your reservations before you get locked out!