A drunk hipster "saved" four NYPD officers recently, which sounds like an amazing story, except that it is told in the most annoyingly cumbersome way. So, here's the gist: some guy in Bushwick was up late (around 4:30 a.m.) watching videos of Richard Feynman lectures on YouTube while coming down off a whiskey buzz, when he sees flashlights and hears some noise in the backyard alleyway.

Instead of calling the cops, he discerns that one of the noises he hears is a police radio, so he heads out there in his slippers. He spots four officers emerging from the dumpsters situated in the backyard alleyway, and nearby also sees that "the picnic table we have out there now has a chair atop it. It’s pushed up against a fence."

Yes, the cops had imprisoned themselves in the hipster's lair, and when he asked them what they were doing back there, he was told “We’re investigating a disturbance. Door slammed shut behind us." They were not amused, and didn't thank their hero for rescuing them, though one did joke: “NYPD, keeping New Yorkers safe one locked door at a time!”