The James Franco clone that has taken on professor duties has officially been powered up. While other Francos will continue studying at colleges and acting and being an artist and attending to a fairly frequent Francodefiling habit, the professor will be molding young minds at both NYU and PS 1. So how do you get in on the action? You most likely don't.

We're told that the schedule for the PS 1 classes (taking place this month) won't be released, that way no non-scholarly types will get in to gawk. PS 1 tells us, "We're trying very hard to preserve the classroom environment and make this an opportunity for learning and interesting discussion for the students, rather than a photo op." Fine, just let us know if he wears one of those professor-patch sweaters.

Meanwhile, the actor has also agreed to teach a graduate film course at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he'll school his students in adapting poems into short films. He recently told FOX, "By the end of the class, (they will) make a feature film that we will distribute, so I kind of see that as a way to give deserving students and opportunity to actually make something and give them the opportunities that I was given."