Watch it when you love NY! NY State is trying to enforce its claim to the love by setting its lawyers on people who use the logo without the permission of the Empire State Development Development Corporation. The latest incident seems to be a NJ man's use of the logo on various tchotchkes (he's sold 15,000 of them); Ray Maniaci tells the Post NY State should be flattered people love the logo so much. Gothamist guesses his Garden State status is part of the problem, since an ESDC lawyers says, "The logo belongs to the people of the state of New York and they rely on us to project it." Protect it from being used on a thong, that is.

Check out the NY State Tourism page, which is what the logo was designed for; it debuted in 1977. And here's the website of the logo designer, Milton Glaser, who also designed the logo for New York magazine.