Tomorrow night, the same night all the recycling and garbage goes out, YMMV Radio hosts a Dumpster Dive and Upper East Side Scavenger Hunt. Gothamist won't lie, we've been dumpster diving before...and it wasn't at a not-for-profit organized event either.

So if you want to go, meet under the old movie-theater awning (now a Duane Reade) at 251 East 86th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, Manhattan at 8pm. The event is free and you can find more details here.

2005_07_artswatergun.jpgComing up next Thursday (the 21st) is the deadline to sign up for StreetWars, a round-robin, all city, 24/7 water-gun assassination tournament. The soaking begins July 25th. There are more details at the site, which also informs us that upon start of game you'll receive:

A picture of your intended target(s) The home address of your intended target(s) The work address of your intended target(s) The name of your intended target(s) Contact information of your intended target(s)

That sort of freaks us out, but if you sign up and see us walking around in the heat sweating - feel free to shoot some water our way.