time_and_tide_affiche.jpgA young, beautiful pregnant woman sweats and groans as she tries to give birth alone in a restaurant's commercial kitchen. She's also holding a loaded gun, aimed at the assassin ready to kill her. Yee-haw. Only in the newest releases from Hong Kong cinema could you see such a potent, emotional and violent image.

Continuing through next week, the Walter Reade theater will be screening "Recent Films from Hong Kong", and there's so many good things to see in the next few day, we urge you to spend some time on the Upper West reaping the rewards.

Besides focusing on director Johnnie To in the series, they'll also be screening such recent Gothamist favorites from the last few years as Time and Tide by Tsui Hark (from which the above scene appears) today at 9:15 pm, the Eye by those horror masters the Pang brothers also playing today at 1 pm and Friday at 9:15 pm, and Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood For Love on Saturday at 3:40 and 7:40 pm.

In addition, highly recommended next week are Stanley Kwan's Lan Yu and Ann Hui's July Rhapsody. See how the list just goes on and on?