Love connectionThe NY Times calls online dating Well, sure, the headline is really "Online Dating Sheds Its Stigma as," but, hey, thanks NY Times, for confirming our previous worse fears that online dating was for losers. The two big usual suspects were mentioned, Match and Nerve, as well as the more ethnic-specific, JDate and Black Planet. Writer Amy Harmon also mentioned Eharmony which makes its subscribers fill out a long questionnaire, and claims to be able to eliminate 99.7% of the ill-matches (it was founded by a psychologist). Hmm, is Eharmony saying that "Favorite on-screen sex scene" and answering "___ is sexy; ___ is sexier" aren't good for creating a reverse psychological profile?

While the article paints a positive spin on online dating, the pitfalls of lying are outlined, from marital status to salary. One quote that Gothamist was very famliar was "I swear every time they put 5-10 you have to deduct 3 inches."

Gothamist on speed dating and dating a blogger - never in our experience have we come across the profile that says "I'm a blogger" but maybe we're looking the wrong (or the right?) places.