You have just a couple more days to decide whether you'll be dressed up or dressed down next Tuesday for Halloween. New York magazine has a How to Dress Like... Halloween Guide for anyone who want to dress up like Naomi Campbell, Borat, Kim Jong Il, Flava Flav or Baby Suri Cruise; there are even some high-concept ideas like tainted spinach! Our favorite is Dog the Bounty Hunter, because Cartman really inspired us.

And there's a big Halloween Masquerade at Capitale where the theme is "The 50 Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden." We'd like to see people dress up as "1985 The First Wrestlemania."

Photograph of Oliver the basset hound and Pep the fox terrier, who tied for Top Dog of Times Square at the Annual TimesSquare Dog Day Masquerade, by Tina Fineberg/AP