Okay, now let's save these dogs.


After her mug made the rounds on the internet yesterday, a lot of homes were offered to the half-frozen dog found tied to the Williamsburg Bridge (she's like the Ted Williams of canines!). Now one of the people responsible for saving him, Nick at Scouting NY, reports that he dropped the little lady off to her new home last night.

He says she is now "with a very warm and loving married couple, who I have no doubt will make amazing, responsible, and caring owners. You’ll just have to trust me when I say: this dog is going to have a great, great life. Her new owners have promised to send some pictures as soon as she gets acclimated." This morning he told us that "people wrote from across the globe looking to adopt her, regardless of distance. Really really incredible."

Not all dogs are so lucky, however... especially pit bulls. The Scout points to this 2-year-old, who will be killed today if no one adopts her—and there are a lot more in New York. So anyone who wanted to adopt yesterday's pit puppy, take a look around.