Photographer Frank Horvat's New York Up & Down series features fantastic photos from 1980s New York City—specifically 1982 through 1986. Horvat—who told us this morning he has an app featuring decades of photos fromhis career—has explained the project:

"I came back to New York more than a hundred times, usually to do fashion photos, but in most cases only for two or three weeks. All the same, I have calculated that these trips, laid end to end, would add up to a stay of about two years, which is equivalent to the periods of my adult life that I spent in Switzerland, in Italy, in India or in England. But if they were measured by their emotional intensity, the years in New York would count twice as much… This is what I tried to convey by the words ‘up and down.’

The highs and lows of New York are not just the transitions from Uptown to Downtown, from the darkness of the subway to the view from the top floors of the skyscrapers, from the temperatures in January to those in July. But also the shifts, between one day and the next and sometimes between one minute and the other, from exhilaration to disappointment, from triumph to failure, from fulfilment to defeat."

You can view more of his 1980s collection here, but Horvat's entire life's work is also worth exploring—he has taken some of the more "iconic photographs of the 20th century," and some of the most innovative, according to Artnet. He even transformed fashion photography—replacing "the goddess-model of the time with lively, unmade-up models (a girlish 'bird' or 'dolly' who could rock with the camera crew all night and display her romantic despair to the lens the next day)."