This is most likely the customer who is selling her Banksy pieces.

Last year elusive street artist Banksy held a month long residency here in New York. REMEMBER? And remember when you didn't buy that $60 stencil at the stand in Central Park even though it kind of looked like an original Banksy? The artist took in around $420 that day, selling to only three customers, and one of them is about to cash in.

According to the Daily Mail, two of the stencils purchased that day are about to be put on the auction block—"the buyer recently approached auction house Bonham’s in London with the intention of selling the prints to the highest bidder." A rep told The Guardian they'll each take in between $65,000 and $95,000. The person, who remains anonymous (but is likely the woman from New Zealand in the above video), purchased one Pooh Bear and one Kids With Guns stencil.

Wonder how much Banksy's sand vagina on Staten Island that no one ever found would go for?