2006_12_arts_knight.jpgFor some reason when things are "one night only" it makes us feel like they're more special. Sort of the opposite of a "one night stand". Either way, teen heart throb of our day, Jordan Knight, teams up with teen heart throb of those younger than us, Jeff Timmons, for a concert sure to make your inner teenager screech with delight. We think Timmons was in that band with Mr. Jessica Simpson, and we KNOW Jordan Knight was in New Kids on the Block (later to become NKOTB). We were more in to Donnie Wahlberg at the time, but Knight sure could hit those high notes.

If you'd like to relive your awkward tween years then get all dressed up and get yourself over to BB King's tomorrow night for a performance by the dashing duo. The best part is, now you're old enough and they're desperate enough to make things work between the both of you.

Thursday // 8pm // BB Kings [237 W 42nd St] // $25