Kodak Hits SoHo in November

Apparently rents in SoHo have gotten so high that even the big brands can only afford to open stores for a month! First there was Galleria Illy, the coffee house sponsored by the Italian coffee company, open on West Broadway off Broome since September (it closes on December 15). Now Kodak is breezing into the neighborhood for November-- their Kodak One Gallery will be open at the corner of Wooster and Spring from November 1st to the 27th. From the looks of that nifty computer drawing above, they've got a neat space laid out (although it's a little spooky that all the sales guys are wearing the same uniform!) Best of all, for $25 they'll scan 250 of your prints to their Kodak Easyshare gallery, which is a pretty good price, especially if you don't need lab-quality scanning. They're also going to offer a bunch of Digital Photography lectures and one-hour courses-- perfect if you're tired of hitting the Apple Store for your SoHo brand-centric "education". Our pick:

Action! Become a Director (and Nine Other Digital Photography Secrets) Digital technology has brought endless possibilities to the world of photography, yet most people use only the most basic functions of their digital cameras and photo software. Come find your inner director as Kodak teaches you how to take full advantage of your digital camera's video functionality, as well as other insider secrets to capturing, editing, sharing and printing your pictures like a pro!

We'll be stopping by at least a few times to play with the new cameras-- along with about 1000 other NYC Photobloggers.