With Valentine's Day just two days away, the Post throws one to the unattached by looking at the Quirkyalone movement. Move over, metrosexuals: Here come the quirky-alones. Sasha Cagen coined the term when she wrote an essay that essentially defined "being single - not as a way station en route to marriage, but as a fulfilling lifestyle in its own right." Quirkyalones are romantic and would like to find the one, but dating for dating's sake is bogus and being confident and single are preferred. You can find out more in the book, Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics (there's nothing like a book to reaffirm how stupid your friends' going-nowhere relationships are), but for some more insight to who is a Quirkyalone, there's a handy celebrity guide:

Ashton Kutcher

: No. He gets the award for most offensively unquirkyalone celebrity. Exploits fake relationships to get publicity in a most obvious way.
Bjork: Yes. Often sings about maintaining your own space while you're in a relationship.
Morrissey: Yes. For those who grew up in the eighties, the prototypical quirkyalone.
Soleil Moon Frye: Yes (as Punky Brewster).
Woody Allen: No. Quirkycreepy.

There will be a Quirkyalone party for Quirkyalone Day this Saturday at DT/UT on Avenue B. While it could be construed as a "Screw you, couples," even couples can participate in Quirkyalone Day.

See if you've have Quirkyalone sesnibilities by taking the Post's test. The Quirky Alone website and an interview with Sasha Cagen.