The Playboy Club in Manhattan as portrayed on Mad Men

And now... the seedy underbelly of the Manhattan Playboy Club! It wasn't all Don Drapers and bunny tails back in the day—after all, the New York club had the strictest rules—and now one woman is telling her story. In the 1970s she lived with some man named Mark who let her crash at his cockroach-ridden apartment in exchange for her being his girlfriend, and one day he insisted, “Yo, we’re gettin’ you dolled up. You got an audition at The Playboy Club. You got nice big tits and nice legs and a nice face. They’re gonna love you, you hear me? You wanna make some good money for a change, or you wanna wait around for some other bullshit job where you make nothing?" Ah, what dreams may come!

After making it through auditions, Lili Bee goes through an orientation process, where the new Bunnies were told about the rules, like: “You are only allowed within 500 feet of the Club when you are coming into work or when you are quickly leaving the building. Any other times you are not allowed within 500 feet of the building."

Read more of her tale as a Bunny here, where she even goes into the "weigh-ins" and those corsets that would "bite into your flesh, molding you and your organs into the Playboy ideal." [via The Hairpin]