Gavin DeGraw was released from Bellevue Hospital last night after spending nearly two days there recuperating from his blackout drunk beatdown in the East Village early Monday morning. According to the NY Post, he was moved to NYU Hospital last night for surgery on his broken nose. DeGraw said he doesn't "remember much" from his drunken adventure, which included being beaten down be a few strangers, followed by being hit by a cab.

DeGraw's brother Joseph, who he owns an East Village bar with, insists he "had nothing but cranberry juice to drink" that night. Can cranberry juice fuel a body with enough bad decisions to stay out until 4 a.m. when on a huge national tour though?

The 34-year-old singer's publicist says he "suffers from a concussion, broken nose, black eyes, cuts and bruises." He's also canceled his shows opening for Maroon 5 and Train through Saturday.