2006_10_chuckscar.jpgNews that some sort of aircraft had crashed into an Upper East Side building sent everyone fleeing to TVs and computers to see what was going on. MSNBC broke the news first nationally, while most locals probably tuned into NY1 for coverage. We were most impressed by WNBC's coverage. They had a secret/not-so-secret weapon in Chuck Scarborough.

Scarborough has been on WNBC for over 30 years, arguably making him the most trusted anchor in the New York market. And he currently has a commercial pilot's license (he was also in the US Air Force). During yesterday's breaking news broadcast, Scarborough was extremely insightful about flying small planes and how the Cirrus SR20 might look like a helicopter without its wings - all while making clear that this was just speculation. The Daily News thought that WCBS 2's coverage was the best, for being on the scene first and having the best images.


And today, the story was front page/cover news, though the Post used an unfortunate Bronx Bomber reference. And the NY Times has an amazing interactive graphic of plane's path.