Happy final Rain Room day, NYC! If you've been camping out since 5 a.m. in hopes of getting one last chance to make your Twitter and Instagram followers jealous, well, try not to hang out too long—a tipster tells us MoMA employees are definitely enforcing that suggested 10-minute time limit. And damn those lines are long!

One tipster tells us that after a 4.5 hour wait (so short!) in the members-only line, she was given a pretty stiff 10 minute suggestion time to view and play around in the installation, since so many people were trying to get in today. "Then after ten minutes, they say, 'Hey, just want to let you know it's been ten minutes, and that's the suggested waiting time,'" she told us. "They don't physically force you, but you feel a lot of pressure."

The truncated time push isn't too surprising—the tipster tells us that at 10:30 a.m., the members-only line clocked in at a 10-hour wait time—but the artists behind the Rain Room did mandate that visitors be able to stay as long as they wanted to get the full benefit of the experience. O, the censorship, O the humanity...

MoMA's extending the installation's hours until midnight tonight, so if you've been in the General Public line for the past three or four hours, you might still have a shot at getting in. And here are a few final Rain Room tweets and photos for your viewing pleasure: