2005_12_tkts.jpgIt's the Wednesday and for theater lovers, that means it's matinee day. Of course, this will mean added traffic coming into the city for the 2 pm shows. So for those theater goers, we wish you luck in the traffic. If you live close to the Theater District, or are willing to walk, many shows have special holiday schedules and the Daily News is reporting that there's a "glut" of tickets available at TKTS including seats that are better than you can normally get.

2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgBroadway tickets bought via Telecharge were not subject to refund because of the strike, but tickets bought at the theater can typically be exchanged. The Associated Press is reporting that several off-Broadway shows "have moved aggressively to get an audience" during the strike.

Did you have holiday plans for a Broadway show? If so, are you still going? And if you haven't seen that show you wanted to see, now might be the time!