Ladies, ladies, we know New Yorkers love their Loubotin's, but even this seems a little excessive: hedge-fund CEO Daniel Shak is suing ex-wife and World Series of Poker Player Beth Shak for reportedly hiding her $1 million shoe collection from him during their divorce proceedings and settlement three years ago.

Beth Shak—who describes herself on Twitter as a "shoe addict" and "shoe connoisseur," runs a website called shoesrforever, was featured in a Huffington Post video last year entitled "Beth Shak Owns 1,200 Pairs of Shoes" and apparently has a Christian Louboutin stiletto tattooed somewhere on her nether regions—says there's no way Daniel Shak didn't know about her collection. "He is saying he didn't know the closet in our master bedroom existed," she told the Post.

But Daniel Shak claims he only found out about it last summer and has accused his ex of keeping the collection in a "secret room" in their shared Fifth Ave apartment, which means he probably missed the 2009 episode of MTV Teen Cribs in which Shak's children showed their mother's high heel hodgepodge to the rest of the universe. Jump to about 18:00 to check it out, or feel free to watch the whole episode if you're curious to see whose hands our nation will be in in the near future:

Daniel Shak also happens to have lost a few million bucks in the gold market last year. He's asking Beth for at least 35 percent of her collection's net worth.