To promote his new book "First Stop 2 Forever: My Story," the Biebs headed to New York yesterday to sign 1,000 copies for fans, many of who had been camping outside the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue for days. One fan told Sky News, "It was amazing. It took like five seconds though and I had, I was waiting since Wednesday, sleeping over, but I don't know.. I love him." Didn't you have a Thanksgiving dinner to go to?

As you can probably tell from the above photos, 1,000 autographs was not nearly enough to satisfy the throbbing hordes gathered on Fifth Avenue. So Bieber, presumably overwhelmed with holiday spirit, let another 1,000 in! He wrote on Twitter, "finished the signing in the NYC. had to show love. we let 1000 more people in. Love yall. wish i could let the whole world in." And according to "twitness" JBieberloverxxx, "justin bieber looks so freaking hot at the new york book signing of fIRST TEP TO FREVER:MY STORY :O"