2006_08_arts_worldtrade.jpgOliver Stone's sure-to-be-controversial World Trade Center movie opens this Wednesday in New York, and already the critical jabs are flying. There was a premiere screening of the movie last Thursday at the Ziegfeld Theater attended by luminaries like Sting and Rudy Giuliani as well as the crank-tastic Cindy Adams of the New York Post. She had this to say on Friday in her column (after offering the caveat that she's not a film critic): "It's lousy. Slow-moving and formulaic....New Yorkers infuse such pain and emotion into 9/11 that, for now, absolutely nothing could project onto a screen what still rips at our entrails. I hoped to speak about this with Oliver, who has always seemed a brilliant moviemaker, but his handlers are moving him around with a tweezer. Must be, like on that actual day itself, they, too, can smell death." Ouch!

David Edelstein of New York magazine in his review found it strange that the usually politically-charged Stone left his trusty conspiracy theories at home for this flick. While Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman thought the movie "sentimentalizes more than it haunts." Doesn't sound promising, though according to Rotten Tomatoes' round up of critics, most are giving it positive reviews.

What do you think, are you going to go see Stone's movie? Like the responders outside the Zeigfeld in this AFP article, would you say it's too soon for a movie about September 11th? Or is seeing it replayed on screen in a way cathartic and important?

Production still from World Trade Center starring Nicolas Cage.