2005_09_artsOliverStone.jpg So it seems director Oliver Stone has begun on his untitled 9/11 film, which starts shooting in NYC sometime mid-October. Stone promises the film "will be a 'positive' story," focusing on two Port Authority cops -- one played by Nicholas Cage -- trapped under the rubble of the WTC, and not the politics sorrounding the event. On CNN Showbiz Tonight, Cage explained how the film intends to treat the story as responsibly and ethically as possible: "This is not an exploitive movie. This is not in any way an action film.It’s a true story based on fact... And it is very positive about the human condition, and that is what drew Oliver to it and it’s the kind of movie he does the best...I don’t even think you’re going to see the buildings in the movie actually."

According to Cindy Adams, the film will not depict planes hitting the WTC, opting instead to show TV viewers reactions. And understandably, Stone faces a few NYC restrictions, including only having access to establishing shots, skyline shots, outdoor location shots and driving shots as well as being prohibited from dressing “the streets with dirt and debris and ash and people's belongings and falling bodies.”

Stone waited to start pre-production after the anniversary and claims the staff is taking an “enormous” pay cut, with a portion of the movie profits to be donated to victim funds (we wonder what constitutes "enormous" in Hollywood). While many appreciate Stone’s sensitivity (and/or somewhat relieved that at least Jerry Bruckheimer isn’t directing), other feel that a 9/11 film is still too close to the event. Gothamist also wonders whether a too-sensitive approach to September 11th only takes away from the actual event, but at least the film will mostly be shot in NYC, whereas other 9/11 projects prefer Toronto or Morocco.