This week a dachshund from Long Island who goes by the name Chanel turned 21, making her the oldest living dog (she even holds the Guinness World Record). Her owner Denice Shaughnessy threw her a birthday bash at New York Dog Spa and Hotel in Manhattan on Wednesday, and before that they even stopped by the Today Show! Shaughnessy noted that the pup used to sport red hair, which turned to white "a long time ago," and her cataracts force her to wear specialty glasses ("doggles"). Since her bones feel the cold, the house is kept at 72 degrees, and because there aren't doggie dentures, her diet consists of soft foods like boiled chicken. She's just like a grandparent! So how old is Chanel in people years? Slate disagrees with the Post's assertion that she's 147, declaring the canine to be 113 according to the American Veterinary Medical Association's official formula. Wonder if Willard Scott put her on the side of a Smucker's jar for his centenarian birthday wishes!