2006_06_warhol.jpgWe knew that people love Andy Warhol, but we didn't realize people would shell out over 10 grand for his wig. It sold well above Christie's $4,000-6,000 estimate, but maybe those three pieces of toupee tape stuck in it helped the valuation. Other Warhol items for sale included size 8 Ferragamo brogues and one of his Brooks Brothers ties, plus a Polaroids Warhol took of celebrities like Muhammed Ali and Mick Jagger. The items were put on the block by nephew Jeffrey Warhola, who claims they are "gifts," but other relatives doubt that claim because Andy "never gave his clothes to anybody." Well, this sounds like drama Andy Warhol would have loved!

Have you read The Andy Warhol Diaries? It's kind of insane, yet so compelling.