metgallery.jpgNot that anyone should ever need an additional good reason to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located on 5th Ave. and edging into Central Park, but The Met is opening 30,000 square feet of new exhibition space in 11 new galleries. The space will be used to expand the museum's display of Greek and Roman antiquities.

The New York Sun described that the "new series of 11 exhibition spaces continues the sequence of eight previously renovated galleries devoted to earlier Greek art" and allows 6,000 objects - previously in storage- to be displayed. Renovations cost $220 million and gives visitors the opportunity to "systematically follow the developments in Greek and Roman art from the prehistoric."

The museum has a lot of information about the new galleries on its site, including a downloadable audio description of the project with accompanying images, a visual timeline of what has previously occupied the space in the museum, and behind-the-scenes looks at the construction and installation of the Greek and Roman galleries.

The new Greek and Roman Galleries at The Met are scheduled to open later this month on 4/20. We are fairly certain that this is not a veiled nod from museum organizers to visitors that getting high beforehand will enhance your experience in any way.