2005_12_rangel.jpgThe Observer recognizes Power Geezers - basically old New Yorkers who make the world go round. Entrance to this group is a double digit age that begins with at least 7 - director Mike Nichols qualifies, while someone like Knicks coach Larry Brown is a "Baby Geezer" - and "optimism, ambition, pleasure in daily routine." Hmm, so a grandparent whose daily goal is to clean out the rest of the nursing home during Bingo is a Power Geezer too? Luckily, we have a few decades to find optimism and ambition!

The Power Geezers include Larry Silverstein, Representative Charles Rangel, and Manhattan DA restaurateur Elaine Kaufman, Robert Morgenthau, writer Cynthia Ozick and Woody Allen. Gothamist recommends you read this when you have a spare hour, because we're sure the Observer will probably spring an issue dedicated to all the hot, successful young things out there in no time flat.