Ol Dirty Bastard;  Photo - Rolling StoneWe're not going to pretend we know where to begin with Ol' Dirty Bastard, a.k.a. Old Dirty Bastard, Dirt McGirt, Osirus, Cyrus, Dirt Dogg, Big Baby Jesus, Unique Ason, Joe or Russell Tyrone Jones. However, new blog, tale of two cities (one person blogs from NY, the other from LA - get it?), has a review of ODB's CMJ performance ("unpredictable, terrible, amazing, hilarious, sad, depressing and miraculous") at the Bowery Ballroom Knitting Factory. It almost reads as a cautionary tale about drug use: "ODB was so high and drunk that it seemed like he would pass out any second. For minutes at a time, he just stood in the center of the stage and stared straight ahead to the back of the crowd, not moving or saying anything." Plus, there's a fat dude rapping AND sucking a woman's breasts on stage. Thanks, TOTC, Gothamist feels like we were there!