And like that Open House New York is over(ish). Our general impression has been that the rain and icky weather really kept people away this year. But that's just our impression. Anyone have any good stories? Take, or find, any good pictures? That's what comments are for.

In the meantime, if you're already thinking about what in the world you are going to do next week might we point this out to you. As the kick-off for the Campaign to End AIDS march from New York to Washington, DC a tube of the Lincoln Tunnel is going to be pumped full of air and opened to the public. Public transportation back to Manhattan will even be provided. This is one of those random things that only becomes possible because of special events like this and/or epic disasters. As we're really not interested in another one of the latter, we're excited to get this chance now.

Photograph from the High Bridge Water Tower from Michelle Thompson's flickr stream.