Urban Outfitters

, your cheekiness would be clever if it weren't so stupid. But the "Everybody Loves..." line of shirts, including "Asian Girl," Jewish Girl," "Latin Girl," "Catholic Girl," and "Italian Girl," just wants us to make one that says, "Fuck Urban Outfitters, I'll Just Go To The Salvation Army While We Leave These to the Suburban Kids," 'cause the only semi-racist t-shirt that really floats anyone's boat is "Italians Do It Better" or anything in the "Do It Better" vein. And tellingly, there are only "Jewish" and "Italian Boy" shirts. [Wonkette on the voting t-shirt that got Russell Simmons riled up.]

In other racist-though-fronting-as-cool news, tien looks at Details' lame "Gay or Asian" analysis (click on image at left). How about one for a Details' reader - "Gay, Metrosexual, Bored or All of the Above"? Also, Matte Chi on the Details piece, there's a protest planned outside of Details on April 16, and here's the letter from the AAJA.

[Via astrid, in the Gothamist Forums]